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AC Repair and Replacement in Amherst, NS

A/C Repair Service in Amherst, Nova Scotia

During hot periods, the worst thing you would want is a broken A/C in your car. Driving your car feels like burning; the steering burns your hands and you sweat a lot. Worry no more, our Kia A/C repair and replacement services in Amherst, Nova Scotia, is here for you. We offer A/C repair and other car maintenance services in Nova Scotia and other cities, including Sackville, Springhill, Oxford, Parrsboro, Truro, and surrounding regions. At our Kia service centre in Amherst we have a team of qualified technicians who can diagnose and repair your A/C system. Repairing the A/C of your car keeps its cooling system and engine performing correctly, so be sure to schedule your service today. The following are signs that your Kia A/C is faulty.

Hot Air from the Ventilations

In case you turn on your air conditioner and you only get warm air blowing out of the vents for a couple of minutes, the indication is that you're A/C is faulty. The refrigerant does not circulate through the air conditioning system because its compressor is failing. This results to hot air only.

Strange Noises

Once you switch on your air conditioner and there are strange noises generated, then the implication is that your A/C is failing. The compressor of your car relies on multiple components to turn effectively. If the compressor's internal bearings are worn out, it will make it hard to operate. Strange noises imply a fault in the components of the compressor. Visit Kia A/C repair and replacement services in Amherst.

Leaking Fluid

Your A/C compressor comprises its own internal bearings, which hinders fluid from leaking while pressuring the refrigerant. Although, when these bearing become damaged, the fluid leaks through them. You need Kia A/C repair to replace the bearings.

Stuck A/C Compressor Clutch

The AC compressor has a clutch that is connected to the engine pulley. This permits the compressor to use the engine power when it is needed. In case the clutch gets stuck, it will not transmit power from the engine to the compressor. You will need to repair the clutch immediately for full functionality of your A/C system.

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The A/C compressor is a significant component of your car. Visit our Kia service center for your A/C performance check, where we will determine your Kia A/C system's condition to see if it needs repair. We carry out overall system performance and check for any leaks and system pressure. Contact us to learn more about Kia A/C maintenance. Reach us anytime for the best and guaranteed services. Schedule a service online today and visit us at your convenience.

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