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Kia Finance in Amherst, Nova Scotia

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Kia vehicle brand features cars in the range of SUVs, Minivans, Hybrids, and Sports Cars. The Kia vehicle suits the lifestyle of every individual. We are the leading Kia dealership, and we serve Amherst, Oxford, Springhill, Sackville, Parrsboro, and the surrounding areas of Nova Scotia. Our dealership offers the new Kia lineup, and we have the Kia Motor finance. Interested customers can start today by completing our online finance application to get pre-qualified.

Advantages of financing your new car

Our dealership values its customers, and we want them to enjoy a smooth and convenient vehicle financing experience. There are several benefits with financing your vehicle, and they include: First, it is possible to borrow up to 100% of the vehicle's purchase price. Hence, you can get your Kia dream vehicle whenever you want. However, check to see whether our dealership's finance repayment option suits you. Other advantages include unlimited mileage, our dealership store provides flexible loan retirement terms of between 24-60 months, indefinite term charges, and you can always pay off the loan at any time without penalties. You can contact our finance centre to learn more about Kia Motor Finance in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Advantage of leasing your new vehicle

There are several pros attached to leasing when compared to financing your new vehicle. One of these advantages lies on the financial side, where you will only pay a part of your vehicle's depreciation rate rather than for the entire MSRP. Other benefits include flexible terms of service, a warranty plan covering excess wear and tear, Guaranteed Asset Protection, and Guaranteed Residual Value.

What is the lease-end journey?

Our vehicle dealership company will guide you through the lease-end journey. At 120 days to maturity, the company will provide a Lease-End Kit to guide you in the lease-end process. A self-assessment checklist helps evaluate your vehicle's condition before our inspection partner conducts the final inspection. At 60 days to lease maturity, we will contact our customer to book an inspection appointment at your home or business.

Lease-End to-do list

At the end of the lease period, you will need to consider several options. You can walk away from your lease or trade the vehicle in.

What to know before your inspection

Before our team comes to inspect the vehicle, consider the following:

  • Use the Self-Assessment Tool to complete an online assessment of the condition of your vehicle.
  • Contact our Kia dealership store and schedule for any vehicle repairs. This reduces the likelihood of excess wear and tear charges.
  • Contact our dealership to make repairs to your vehicle. Contact AutoVIN if you do not receive any call within 45 days of the end of your lease.

Things to know when returning your leased vehicle at lease-end

When you are returning the leased vehicle, you should:

  • Remove personal belongings from your vehicle
  • Delete personal information from Bluetooth, GPS, UVO Intelligence, and HomeLink.
  • Ensure all vehicle equipment such as manuals, fobs, and keys are operational when returning them.
  • Email some of the invoice copies for repairs provided after vehicle inspection.
  • Meet all the financial obligations.
  • Sign the vehicle return list and then request for your copy.

Finance Your Next Kia in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Today

Our dealership offers customers the opportunity to lease, finance, and protect their vehicles. Our main goal is to provide reliable and responsive customer services. If you are interested in either applying for financing or leasing our cars, you can contact us if you have any questions or require assistance.

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