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Kia Performance Features

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Not all vehicles are made alike, as this idea has been tested recently. With a direct separation occurring within the automotive industry, the brands that are racing ahead are apparent. Kia has become one such brand offering vehicles that are stylish, economical, comfortable, and performance-oriented. World-class engineering, powerful design, and mind-blowing performance don't happen by mistake. Kia's stunning performance range of vehicles have been turning heads everywhere they go with power on tap; it's no surprise they are some of the industry's best. It's not always what's under the hood that makes a performance vehicle special, but a suite of technologies brings it all together. At Atlantic Kia, in partnership with Kia Canada, we are excited to bring you a complete lineup of Kia's best performance vehicles. That features sleek styling, intuitive technology and out worldly capabilities. We invite automotive consumers from Sackville, Springhill, Oxford, Parrsboro, and surrounding areas of Nova Scotia to come and experience the best of South Korean engineering and design. Find out more about what makes Kia's performance vehicles so desirable.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

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In the ever-changing Canadian seasons, some extra traction and control are always welcome. Kia's All-Wheel Drive system is fully automatic and features torque distribution technology that is able to proactively provide power to any wheel even before you need it. The system kicks in whether you're under hard acceleration, taking a corner, and various other low traction scenarios. The system uses multiple sensors to understand what is going on around you and provides power where it needs to be.


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The evolution of the automobile has seen such a drastic change in that the next 20 years will outpace the last 50. The first cars could only travel at a limited speed and didn't have the power, handling, design, or comfort we see today. And one thing they definitely didn't have was aerodynamics. Aerodynamics plays a large part in how the vehicle handles, sounds, looks, and maximizes efficiency. To reduce unnecessary drag, Kia has taken a stylish yet practical approach to design. From lean side profiles to functional grille designs, your Kia has been designed to slice through the air ahead of it.


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Engineering is at the heart of anything that is designed and manufactured. Kia engineers have worked tirelessly to construct the vehicles we all see on the roads today. Their commitment to quality is unprecedented, and the results speak for themselves; drivers can expect a reliable, intuitive, enjoyable, and ultimately amazing driving experience. Kia engineers want you to have a smile on your face anytime you get behind the wheel of your Kia. Providing cutting-edge structural and body design to the numerous technologies, Kia's are engineered to a standard that is hard to match within the automotive industry. So contact us to learn more about what makes Kia's engineering so special.


Sport-tuned Suspension

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Kia has always designed and engineered vehicles for their enthusiastic consumer so they can be enjoyed with a heightened level of confidence and engagement. A sport-tuned suspension is one of the best ways to keep you dialled in and feeling one with your Kia. A tighter, smoother, and more responsive driving experience awaits.

Turbocharged Engines

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The turbocharged engine didn't make its mark until recently when automotive manufactures begin to invest more money and resources in developing efficient, small-displacement engines that happened to feature a turbocharger. The result, more power and better fuel efficiency. Kia's take on the modern turbocharged engine is one of innovation and technology. Their engines provide an abundance of power, fuel-efficient driving, and an exciting driving experience. They give you more horsepower and torque without comprising the range you expect while city and highway driving.

Drive Mode Select

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Depending on your mood, you are able to optimize your drive with the push of a button. Drive Mode Select offers a number of different modes from Eco for getter economy to Sport when all you're looking for is power and responsiveness. Either way, your Kia will be able to cater to your driving personality in an instant.


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